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I am thinking it is about time my son makes up a resume for college applications, etc. What exactly goes in one?

Do you list the orchestras and ensembles you have been in? Would you include that you were principal chair? ALso would you list the major works that you have performed in an orchestra. My son has performed at Lincoln Center 4 times and Carnegie Hall? Should that be mentioned at all?

We haven't a clue.


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when i was in the application process i had to provide an "artist resume" and "repertoire list (solo/orchestral/chamber)" in some combination for each school. if you request material from each of the school's you are thinking of applying to they all list what they want included to apply. some want one or both of the above, and probably other materials as well. if the school doesnt specify i'd send both of the above...if you'd like i can dig up a copy of my artistic/rep stuff from my apps...pm me about that if you want.

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Hey Rainyann! My son had to do one of these for his applications last year, but he was going for performance, so it was pretty detailed. He included the following categories:

Competitions - included anything where he had competed against others for the opportunity to perform a solo and finished with an honorable mention or better.

Public performances - included all his recitals and other times he appeared in public as a soloist seperate from winning any competitions.

State Solo and Emsemble honors

Summer music programs

Other musical activities - here he listed his membership in youth orchestra (with mention of his being principal) and membership in community orchestra and his quartet.

If your son is not going for performance, his probably doesn't need to be this detailed but should include some of the above elements. I would certainly mention the fact that his orchestra had performed at Carnegie Hall and that he is principal for his orchestra. He may also want to mention who his primary teachers have been. I would be happy to email you a copy of my son's resume if you would like to see it. Just email me.

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If your son's teacher is a member of the AF of M, they have a section in the members area regarding preparation of a symphonic audition resume--most of the posted information is applicable to a students resume for college. Don't forget any summer music "camp" type experiences, as well as masterclasses. The resume is important, but not as important as the audition.

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Thanks all. My son just finished the 10th grade and is not sure what he wants to major in. It won't be a performance major, however, he does want to continue in a college orchestra and will go where he has the opportunity to do so.

He loves music theory and is beginning to like composition so who knows. He just doesn't have the desire to practice enough to make performance a career option.

I am even anxious to see how much he practices the orchestra parts he has to learn for camp this summer. I understand that in previous years those that didn't got to sit in the back. He has never sat in the back before. I don't care where he sits but I think it might be a wake up call for him.

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I've been there. We had 6 of our own and 5 foster children. I worked a lot during those times and came home a grouch (pick up this mess you kids!)

The easiest was the one, in his high chair, who fell asleep in his spaghetti at the dinner table to the great entertainment of everyone. The most difficult was the one at 15 who rebelled big time falling in with some bad kids (horrible.)

The best things I did with ours was exactly what you are doing now - pouring out your life. It is such hard work and only those who have been there would understand.

But hey, I made it through (amazing) and you will too. Now they are all running under their own steam.

Amazing for sure.

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