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Most over-played concerto?


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Just out of curiosity, what do you guys think is the most over-played violin (or any others?) concerto? Mendelssohn, do you think? And, I'm sorry, this might not be typical for most areas, but after hearing the Hayden cello concerto three times in one night (it was a competition between three cellists playing the same piece, a pianist playing Hayden concerto...) If I have to hear that piece again... hehe.

Any thoughts on overplayed concertos?

, Heather

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I'll have to vote for Sibelius. I love the piece, but in the program book for this last Indianapolis competition I noticed that about 65% of the participants had chosen Sibelius for the romantic finals. It seems to be the the trendy choice these days for high-level competitions.

I actually haven't heard Mendelssohn or Bruch played much with professional orchestras around here... maybe once every three seasons or so.

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Here in GB, I would say

1. Bruch

2. Mendelssohn

3. all the baroque-y stuff, Vivaldi 4 seasons, Bach a and E.

I don't know where OTH hears lots of Tchaik......probably more with older students.

Also, Mozart's get played TOO MUCH by players with insufficient skill.........YUK!

On Cello.........hmmm.......Haydn, Haydn, oh and Haydn!!

To add some extra interest how about some suggestions of lesser played works.

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1. by far the Mendelssohn (totally agree!)

2. Tchaikovksky

3. Bruch

A slight reordering from a previous post. I still like hearing the Bruch, but if the other two come on the radio, I switch stations, I have heard them to death. It would be nice to hear the Bruch Third once in a while, the little I have heard from it seems to indicate that it is better piece the the second concerto, which gets recorded now and then.

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On a soloist level, though I love the piece, the Tchaikovsky is played more than most things. I have heard it played three or four times in the last year and a half, and within the next year I have already booked to see it twice again. However, it is very good for comparing players.

I think Bruch is most overplayed at a student level, and in my opinion, far too many cellists play the Elgar.

Why is it that cellists limit themselves so much??? They have concerti by Lalo, Barber, Shostakovich and all they play is Haydn, Dvorak and Elgar.

The concerti I think are underplayed (on a professional level) are the Lalo, Sibelius (I still haven't seen it, but really stupidly missed Kavakos play it a couple of months ago), and the Shostakovich concerti.

In recitals, not enough encore-type pieces are included anymore. The only person I know who does this is Kavakos, maybe Rosand, though I don't know much about him.


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For student solos this yeat the cellists seemed to like Lalo, it was overplayed as well as Shubert's Arpeggione for the viola. As far as violin there was a wider variety, we had a lot of solo Bach, Mozart Concerti, Conus (spelling?), Lalo, Haydn, you name it, it was played.

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Definitely Mendelsohn. I have gotten to the point where I change the station if it is on (and it frequently is). I also think it is overrated, but then I have very little patience for the romantic concertos anyhow.

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Nevertheless, I'd still say the Mendleson is a work of genious. But it take the wind out of it to hear it so many times.

It's true that everyone captures a small part of its beauty, but if someone captured ALL its beauty, then maybe that would be different.

Anyway, my first complete concerto which I have learned has been the Beethoven. Maybe that was a better choice! (was it?)

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The Mendelssohn does have this advantage: it is played so often, and has been played by so many (even non-professional) violinists that it provides a good benchmark for comparing players.

In other words, since throughout its duration you always know what's coming next, you can be more aware of small variations in style and technique than when listening to a piece which you know less intimately.

I still enjoy hearing it and listen carefully whenever I have the opportunity.



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haha wow, what a great thread... i have so many that i could list! wow.

okay, most overplayed:

1) Mendelssohn (although i do still enjoy it, just not when played badly...)

2) Bruch 1

3) Saint-Saens 3

4) Wieniawski 2 (spelling??)

most over-butchered (this could go on FOREVER but i'll try to choose my "favorites" here...)

1) Mozart anything

2) Haydn anything

3) Tchaikovsky (it was played on several recitals at my school this year in rather awful ways)

4) Lalo

5) Mendelssohn (not only played way too often, but usually badly!)

6) Vitali Chaconne (not a concerto but still brutal)

7) Bach anything (particularly solo Bach... *cringe*)

i could go on but i think perhaps i should end my near-rant here... hehe. this is what long years spent at summer music festivals, listening to people practice and perform in masterclass (aka massacre) various pieces does to you i guess...


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