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Roderick Quiros

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Mine came with the poster, too, which is good. The poster is so fabulous it'd be a huge loss if you miss out this one. The magazine itself, on the other hand, didn't arrive in good condition: The edge of the magazine is somewhat ripped, all throughout the magazine, from cover to cover. It did arrive in the plastic envelop fine, so I suppose it's simply an accident in the process of cutting paper edges. I'm keeping the Strad magazines for future reference so the supposed-to-be-minor defect bothered me when I first saw it. I'm okay with it now. After all, I've learned to live with some imperfection anyways

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I would assume that the poster would come with the newstand issues, but none of the stores around here carry it for me to check. I subscribe, and like everyone else, got my poster just fine. You might check out their website to get a subscription, and to purchase the posters. They had them on sale if you bought 3 or more. They come in a shipping tube so you don't have the ugly folds.


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I know there are supposedly about 3-1/2 da Salo violins, but I don't know how many violas. There are two cellos claiming to be da Salos, also.

Omo and Francesco instruments aren't particularly rare in the context of minor Italian makers, but I can't tell you how many there are. The thing to remember about all these guys is that there aren't many from all of them, added up, but they make a lot of "noise" in the violin world.

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