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It's a very charming performance with really nice intonation for the most part. Very interesting tone from the violin (was this you playing? If so, who made the violin?)

Sometimes the vibrato was a bit too edgy for too long I thought...like it was painting the tone with the same brush for too long a period. whoever was playing has some fast fingers though; nice passage work at the end. Phrasing was a bit too typical for a showpiece, like there could have been a bit more character (think Josefowitz...spelling?).

A fun listen.

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Thanks Roman, that's really helpful. I really am trying to search for what it is, and your insight does help me alot. I hope I can hear some more ideas because it does help when you aren't quite sure what to do at points. I get stuck, you know.

I'd rather not say yet who is playing, as the answer may bias responses. For now know I am preparing a recital, and am considering using this work, but need to know how you feel about the audience impact. Obviously, I like it. :-)

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This is fine playing! I find it difficult to direct since, to me ,this was all one type of playing. To split hairs, I wasn't crazy about the lyrical quality of sound. It seemed like everything was great, unless they needed to play in the string and settle. Also, some groups of notes in Figaro were out of tune(only within the hand frame-not shifting). This only stuck out because so much of it is all over the violin and so accurate. As I said, this is hair splitting. A very high level of playing here,clearly. My greater concern is offering THESE selections for critique. Why not more substantial music? Emotional bandwidth is what I listen for mainly, of which I still have no idea. Please post more! It is a pleasure to hear this level of virtuosity.

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