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Hey fellow maestronet peoples! Haven't been here for awhile. School. Sightreading is always an issue for me at auditions thats why I do bad on them. Any tips for sightreading besides the usual observations of time signatures, key signatures, dynamics, slurs, and note values?

thankz alot!


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My suggestion is to get together with a pianist and sit with a whole bunch of music by the same composer. I would say Vivaldi and just read it. The reason I suggest this is because his music is very repetitious, in fact 'predictable'. One does not have to read it really, just follow logical patterns of notes and phrases. For me a good sigth reader is a person who in addition to playing the notes and so forth, is able to 'predict' what is coming next. This phenomena results in a player not reading every note really, but rather combining intuition and craft. If you could get most of Vivaldi's concerti and sonatas and read and read, is very good, you see?



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A "casual" string quartet in which you just read literature (with the aim of making it through without stopping) is a great way to improve reading, since your part is somewhat "covered."

It is also fun & will expose you to lots of different composers, so that you get a feel for their styles, tempii, and notes.

My teacher had me go through the Orchestral Excerpts books: most "sightreading" isn't that, really, since the excerpts are fairly standard for most orchestral auditions.


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