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mozart concerto no 3


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hey all!

i was wondering if anyone knew of a recording of mozart concerto no. 3 that uses the ysaye cadenzas? i'm learning this piece on the fly for a competition in the near future and my teacher mentioned that galamian had some standard cuts that he made to the final cadenza in the first movement. if someone could recommend a recording, it would be cool! or even better, if someone knows what the cuts are, could you tell me where they are?



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The Ysaye cadenza (the first movement) has been used in recordings by Thibaud, Grumiaux, Francescatti, Szigeti, Horiogme, Jean Fournier (the brother of the great cellist) etc. Most of them make one kind of cut or another, inserting a "bridge" or transitional passages (written by each performer??).

Thibaud did record the whole 1st movement cadenza (and used the 2nd and 3rd movement cadenzas), and possibly Jean Fournier and Francescatti (I did not get a chance to listen to them now, but if I recally correctly). Others tend to skip the series of dissonant suspensions starting with the note D. I personally love that section and am against cutting them. Thibaud really milks the dissonance and create a wonderful tension, relieved by airly fleetness following the next fermata (beginning with a dominant of E minor). I don't know if Thibaud's recording is available now (it was released by Philips sometime ago). Francescatti's should be still in print. If you are looking into the entire work, I would get the Grumiaux (among the violinists who does not use the Ysaye cadenzas, Szeryng, Stern, Menuhin, Boskovsky, and Goldberg are all excellent in their own ways).

I personally enjoy the Thibaud recording the best, partly because I grew up listening to him, but also realize that his style is not exactly up to date. If you want to hear something outrageous, try the Huberman recording. You will hear a performance that you will never forget.


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thanks very much for the info to both of you!

now i'm all curious about that Huberman recording... maybe i'll have to try it out, after Grumiaux. i've heard great things about Grumiaux's Mozart elsewhere, too, so i guess i have to go shopping.


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