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There was a story about him on "All Things Considered" this morning. You could probably find it on their website. Anyway, since today is his 100th birthday, they have put together a small collection of his artwork that he collected along with some other things. They said in the story that his grandson has his cello. I imagine that his grandson is loaning it to the display and it will only be an orphan for a short time.

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I saw the Batta Strad cello too; along with his Tourte bow. The cello seems to be in a state of good condition but poor maintenance. The lowere strings were on the wrong pegs. The fine tuner is very old. Maybe those are original strings and fine tuners. This cello is begging to be played. I mean its nice to have Picassos, Manet, etc as neighbors, but that there is so much music that is wanting to come out of it.

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