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Can someone recall these TV shows from the 1970s?


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I can't recall the exact year, but it would be approx. 1970

that British TV broadcast two very interesting documentaries and I wonder if anyone else can remember them?

1. A show introduced by Bernard (Keef?) featuring the life of Stradivari and interesting film from Cremona showing all manner of fascinating things; there was also an interlude given over to the 'scientific' aspect of measuring sound featuring an oscilloscope; finally Ruggiero Ricci played on a whole selection of old violins. Did anyone take a VHS recording of this? 1970 was just before VCRs became commonplace in the UK and so all I have are memories....

2. Another documentary also about 1970 featuring two musicians, Henryk Szeryng (violinist) and Alan Schiller (pianist). The documentary contrasted the lifestyles of these two musicians; one living in Paris and Monte Carlo, the other living in Leeds. One earning £1000 per performance; the other only £50. Did some lucky person capture this one on VHS tape?

Let me know if you did.

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I can't help you with tapes, but have you checked with the television stations who might keep a copy on record? The stations in the US that broadcast these kinds of shows usually make copies for sale, especially of the more successful programs. I don't know how TV works in the UK, but see if you can track it down at the station or the producing network. I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the interesting suggestions. I may not even need to do that, because using Google I tracked down Bernard Keeffe here in England via his musical associations - a Jewish Music Group and a symphony orchestra of which he is President. This within 10 minutes of posting onto Maestronet. Within 15 minutes I had a reply from both groups advising me that they had e-mailed Bernard with my query and that he would be in touch very shortly.

So, by the power of the internet, within 30 minutes, my query is relayed to the man himself!!

What a miracle the internet is and how lucky we all are to share in it. Once more, many thanks for your reply Woody.

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