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I bought one only a couple of months ago. It is so cool! It is hard to play in tune but I think it is an easy transition for violinists. Imagine playing everything with one finger on one string without anything to hold onto and you've got a good idea of what it is like. I plan to have some soundclips on my site when I am a bit more proficient.

I think it's an instrument with a lot of potential.

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Of course, it sounds best with a Sears Pecatte screwdriver.

So, the truth comes out at last! You really are a secret agent working for Sears!

Anyhow, for me at least, it's a considerably different kind of instrument, and what little I've heard of it is pretty neat. So in short, yes, it's a bigger deal for me than it is for you.

By the way Soundboot, I look forward to hearing some recordings.

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