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Garrett Pate?


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There is no indicatin that he is deceased. That came from a delivery discussion. Since he had been "late" in delivering violins, he was referred to as "the late Garrett Pate"

His website is not working and neither is his EBAY username, but an address and telephone number for his shiop in Nashville are listed.

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He's a Tennessee maker, probably in his forties. He's done some pretty-looking work that's been sold on eBay and perhaps through other sources. Opinions about him expressed here have been mixed. He replied in this space to some complaints about his service, but not much has been heard from him lately.

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FWIW, I bought one of his Ste. Cecile models in November 2000 just about the time that the three-month rental contract was expiring on my awful rental violin. Mine is probably a Chinese white violin that was graduated, finished and set up here in the US. Since then I have seen some similar Chinese-origin violins in New York shops selling for $2000-2500 that are not as pretty and somewhat similar in sound. It did take longer to get it than promised and the purchase was more complicated than buying one from a shop. It might be a price/service tadeoff at work here. Nearly three years later I have no regrets about buying it.

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Sorry to have to keep posting here, but it seems that somebody from Nashville has to know how to get ahold of this guy, or know what the story is...please email me offline if so...

His Garrett Pate Violins website is down, all phone numbers disconnected, ebay handle discontinued, and his email bounces...

He does sign Certified Mail, however, so the previous rumour of his demise is greatly exaggerated...


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