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Violin parts in Rock music


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I've been away from here for a long time, I signed up a while ago and have just now returned...

I'm an electric violinist (have a Ned Steinberger), and I play almost exclusively rock stuff. For some more hardcore stuff, you might check out Linkin Park's new album, Meteora. Also, I think System of a Down has violin on Steal This Album, particularly the song Roulette. Ashley MacIsaac and Vanessa Mae are both pretty rockin', too.


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That's Don Sugarcane Harris on Zappa's Hot Rats release. He makes the violin play/sound like a harmonica. Check out Don's "Directly from My Heart" from Zappa's "Weasel Ripped My Flesh".

Other violinists:

Last release of Joe Strummer & the Mescalero's featured violinist Tymon Dogg with reggae/funk.

The Dirty Three from Australia feature violinist Warren Ellis in a rock trio.

Then there's

Scarlett Riviera from Bob Dylan's Hurricane days

Noel Pointer

The violinist with John Mellancamp, Marium Strem (see Rough Harvest release)

Karen Briggs with Vertu

Papa John Creach (mentioned previously; with Hot Tuna, Jefferson Starship).

David Ragsdale of Kansas

Ed Alleyne-Johnson of "The Purple Electric Violin Concerto" .............

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Plant & Page, however, had some violinists that traveled with them, including an Egyptian guy with a great fiddle. Now THAT was a concert!

Hey, Marie-Kabal told me once that he played the No Quarter tour. Cool! I saw it, too. I wanted to ask Kabal about the Egyptian fiddlers-like what scale do they use? How do you make that almost dissonant sound? It would by fun to have an Egyptian/Arab sounding piece to play.

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Gentle Giant has a great violinist. Many prog bands did, like Roxy Music, The Flock, Mothers of Invention had Sugarcane Harris on a few songs, Clearlight Symphony, Van Der Graff Generator to name a few. Go to live365.com and type in a band's name to search for stations that play these bands. Infomas has a great station, and there's one called U.K. 70's there too. Martin Norgaard, author of Jazz Fiddle Wizard, has a live 365.com radio station that plays all kinds of hard to find jazz and jazz fusion violin music! Hope you can dig it.

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