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Violin parts in Rock music


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Hello maestronetters! I am so new to the violin, but I am absolutely HOOKED. Learning this instrument has given me a whole new appreciation for music. I like all kinds of music, but I especially like ROCK AND ROLL! I thought I would start this post to find out if anyone else can name Rock songs or Pop songs that have violin parts in them. One of my favorites is a song by Greenday.....don't know the exact title of it...but it says "I hope you had the time of your life". It's a ballad. They played this song on the last episode that of Seinfeld. Anyone know it or others?

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OK-I'll be the first to date myself....Kansas, Doobie Brothers and Rod Stewart all had violin parts a/o violinists in the band. Many rock bands had great orchestrated parts-like Moody Blues, ELO. Yes had the classical guitar angle in their older stuff. But now I'm wandering away from violin specifically.

(geez, I feel so old...)

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David Cross with King Crimson! David K(abal) with R.E.M.! If viola counts, John Cale with the Velvet Underground. Off the top of my head, rock songs with violin:

"Flowers of Romance" Public Image Ltd.

"Dragonhead" Throwing Muses

"Baba O'Reilly" the Who

"Carnival" Mark Lanegan

Lots of new stuff by Tom Waits, if that's 'rock' music.

Dexy's Midnight Runners were pretty popular for about a week and a half.

Some band called ABC in the 80's had an electric violin.

Nick Cave's recent albums feature the fiddler from the Dirty Three.

I'll bet most of these are pretty obscure, but I don't listen to mainstream rock very often.

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My good buddy and Colleague from Trans-Siberian Orchestra,Mark Wood, is the Shiznit. He is actually in my town tonight, and I have to teach.

Mark is the rockingest cat out there. He made my electric violin. If you want some samples, Pm mail and I will email you some ( Mark wont mind, trust me).

He is putting out a CD of different rockers who play his fiddles, and one of my tunes will be on it.

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