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Once again A. Gagliano (?) photos on website


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I have a violin with a label, which says "Alexander Gaglianus me fecit Neapoli 1728"

It has a two piece back. Does anyone know if he made violins with a two piece back ?

On the Internet I only found violins with one piece back of him.

YHF told me it is probably not a Gagliano.

Please look at the photos on www.fine-violins.com color> ;scroll down to the end and you will see 'Unknown violin - A. Gagliano ?', who has any idea of the maker of this violin and can tell me some details?

(Photos are about 500 kb. please wait a while)

Thank you for your help

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Hello everybody,

Who is willing to give me information about characteristics of Alessandro Gagliano's work or where I can find information of him ?

In our library I couldn't find much information of him, just a few lines of text, although it is a big family of violinmakers.

Thanks a lot


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FYI...The latest Grove Dictionary entry by Beare:

Alessandro Gagliano (fl c1700–c1735) was the first maker in the Gagliano family and the first known Neapolitan maker: it is not known where he learnt his craft. His work differs in almost all respects from that of his descendants, but most of all in the varnish he used. This was of a soft, oily nature, similar to the very best, glowing and transparent and of the deepest red colour. He was only an average workman, but his instruments have great character and are in no sense copies of the work of his great predecessors or contemporaries. He made violins of at least three different sizes, one of them small and another rather too large, with a long string length. The soundholes have an exaggerated swing which can nevertheless be quite charming, but the scrolls are often pinched in design and crudely carved, sometimes with a little extra ornament to the pegbox. His cellos are especially good, but rare.

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