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two questions on prices


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I'm in Roswell, but I'm pretty sure that Albuquerque charges between thirty five and fifty. That's only for a violin bow, though, which is the least expensive rehair.

Add about ten dollars for viola, twenty for cello, and a bass bow costs between sixty five and seventy five dollars. Less if black hair is used. More for the best quality white, a mix (salt/pepper) is somewhere in between.

This is what I've been told - I don't send any business there.

If you're doing the rehair for another business (a music store, for example, or the school system) then between twenty and twenty five dollars for a rehair is acceptable, that way they can afford to, and will give you the business rather than send it off somewhere else, or attempt the rehair themselves. You'll make up the loss in sheer volume once you display a talent for rehairing.

Then you'll never rest.

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I have sold most of our used fractional violin outfits (w/bow, etc) for from $125 to $175 apiece. These were all in near-mint condition. I have bought similar ones for $75-150 (used).

For fractionals, I have found it cheaper to buy a new Glasser bow through a catalog than to get a rehair.

Condition seems to be the main concern of parents & kids. We have a nice old (but scuffed up) German 3/4 that absolutely no one is interested in, yet they'll snap up a cheap Chinese w/painted fingerboard!


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