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Ok, I made a search on ASTA ratings and I only found people asking about it, but no response, so I'm asking again in the hopes that someone will respond. What are the ASTA ratings, or where can I find out about them? I saw that Shar has some sheet music rated by ASTA and I was wondering about the meaning of it.



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Originally posted by rifle-2-1:

What I know (limited):

The rating is 1-6, 6 being the most musically and technically challenging.

Thanks. I was curious about the detailed definition. The british have a similar rating system (I think goes all the way up to 9, if I'm not mistaken), where they describe the skills required for each of the levels. I perused the ASTA website and didn't find anything similar. Thanks anyway.


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Try a Shar sheet music catalog. The first page should outline ASTA's standards for violin, viola, cello, bass, and chamber music difficulty levels. Some of them I don't quite agree with; some I do and don't at the same time. And of course, some I do.

They take technique AND musicality into account, so by ASTA's reckoning it's good that I tackled the Conus concerto (5), having never played Mendelssohn to date (6). Yeah, Mendelssohn's a 6, just like Vieuxtemps 5, Paganini #1, Sibelius, etc. Artistically, it is, but technically it's with the 4's and 5's more or less.


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