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I also find it hard at times to be sure what these terms exactly are, however, I have some images in my mind. Not being good at creating and transferring images on the computer screen, I will try some definitions. These might be easier for those that are busy to correct, than for them to do it all from scratch. I am not assuming these are correct, I just hope some of those that have made this a great thread will hone them. I do hope that some of them are close.

Head - The entirety of the pegbox and the scroll.

(Based on the picture below, is the "head" just the scroll?)

Throat - The section between the pegbox and the start of the scroll.

(Again, based on below, is the throat the wood area between the end of the pegbox and the scroll, or is it open air space between the pegbox and the scroll?)

Fluting - Areas of carving that creates a rolled or rolling surface.

Volute - Any of the turns of the spiral, or the spiral as a whole.

Chamfer - This is the treatment of edges, in general it is an angling of an edge at 45 degrees, so that on a 90 degree corner, once chamfered would go from the flat surface to a 45 then flat and a second 45 to complete the (in total) 90 degree corner.

Forehead or Comb - no clue I get the impression that this may be the portion of the scroll that would touch the table if the violin was placed on a table string side down..???

(Again based on the picture below, is the comb the top of the scroll when the violin is hanging from the scroll or the top of the scroll when the violin is flat on a table?)

Eye - The center point of the spiral from which the first volute initiates.

Ear - I think this is the protrusion of the eye of the scroll when looked at from the front of the violin.

My appreciation to all for a great thread.


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