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Well, I'm a student, and as far as catchy goes, the Fiocco Allegro should fit your needs. And not to be mean, or anything, but the Allegro is actually in Suzuki Book 5. If you want a more classic tune, some of the Sonatas and Partitas by Bach are good for intermediate/advanced players. The Bach Concerto for Two Violins (Bach Double, in other words) is a great classic piece also. (I personally really love the Bach Concerto in A minor-I am really into Bach-and the Mozart Concerto in G major, both great pieces so you could try them for your students.)

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I'm not so sure about 'catchy' themes (sounds like pop music to me ) but I can wholeheartedly recommend for intermediate players

Barbara Barber's series of books - Solos for Young Violinists (Summy-Birchard inc.)

Joseph Gingold's selection - Solos for the Violin player (G.Schirmer)

Yfrah Neaman's series - The Violinist's collection (Kevin Mayhew - England!!)

Music from the Romantic Era (book 2 most probably)- Bosworth (England too!)

Bluegrass Fiddle Styles - Phillips and Kosek (Oak publications) USA!....like....kinda obvious

Michael Radanovics - Jazzy Violin (Universal 19757)

I'm not going to point you in the direction I would choose but if you had all these, I think your students would be busy for a decade or so!!

None of my players above intermediate (25 or so) have managed to escape at least some of this stuff!

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