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I have a set of Evah Pirazzi's that I have been playing for a couple of months now. I really like the sound I get out of them on my violin, but last week I noticed that the A string is fraying at the nut. While looking at the A, I noticed the D string was also starting to fray.

What causes this? Is it an age related problem with the string or could I be doing something to cause it. I love the Evah Pirazzi's but they are quite expensive to be replacing so often.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with Evahs?



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I am having a simular problem with the E.Ps. They are great strings but do seem to unravel alot near the pegbox (mostly a string, but the d string does too). This scares me as the same thing was happening to my friend and her strings popped in her face while tuning. I do lubricate the nut grooves with #2 pencil. Ugh. But the strings never actually got to the point where they are going to pop. I change them before that. Usually about every 4 months i change strings.

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I agree that you may have problems with the nut at the pegbox. The groove may not be fitting the string or there might be some roughness or sharp edges there that causes undue wear or pulling of the wrapping. I would either have a professional look at the nut, or do it yourself with a magnifying of high power.

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