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so how do you start a note?


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Since no one has ventured anything...

I would say for me it depends on the note--type of note called for in the music, where in the music it is...

Like in my (dreaded) recital piece-in the first movement, which is slow and very legato, I am starting on the string with the first note of the piece. In the second movement-after the long ending note of the first movement-I am lifting for a new downbow and coming onto the string.

This is how my teacher is having me practice it.

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I was thinking of specific situations or bowings, not in general. For instance a bunch of fast downbows in a row-you have to lift and start the next note from off the string and hope you don't crash and bounce. Or...like the sautille bowing in Csardas, if it's fast enough it gets that natural bounce to it, in a controlled manner, off the string-so, in effect, each consecutive note is starting off the bounce of the previous one. Or a ricochet bowing-that one bounces, too. But I guess the difference I'm talking about is controlled springing/bouncing vs. just starting a general note. Maybe I'm thinking about it from the angle of the bowing required by the piece....and it appears that I'm rambling.

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Paraphrasing Stephen's (and others) and adding my own miniscule addition:

One can start both on and off the string depending on the piece but be ready with good form to start playing.

What I think should really be avoided is the "artsy" and often "for show" gestures with the bow just before striking the string that can "flub" the entrance.

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I think it personally depends on a lot of things.

1.It could depend on what kind of note your playing. If its a soft legato note then start on the string. If its a quick thrown bow, start above the string.

2.It also depends on what kind of palyere you are. If your more wild, start above the string. If not, start on. It all depends on you, personally.

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