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From the World of the Professional. *DELETED*

stephen redrobe

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Yeah Aaron, I know what you mean. Mr. Redrobe probably doesn't live near the same edge of weirdness as I do, and I doubt he was talking about the U.S. economy, the strike in New York, or the present dearth of occasional gigs in the US. I suspect him of "rich man's woes", as some others may justifiably suspect me. Perhaps I'll never know.

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Every amateur should know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to win an argument with a professional violinist.

Believe me, I've tried.

You either lose because you are wrong, or in the case of my violin teacher when I've got a victory in sight, he changes the subject and refuses to discuss the issue any further.

Now that I know I will never win an argument, I'm afraid that I don't even bother attempting to.

It's a bit less fun, but we do get more work done.


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Stephen, were your sentiments something like:

Fictitious fraternizers of the fiddle frisking frightening fairytales of flippant frittering and frenzied forethought...

and then the words started getting shorter and shorter until the originator was told to go back to his country of origin?

Sometimes, deleting your original comment and leaving the contents to the imagination of the recipient will make a more scathing comment than you could have ever composed on your own.

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"So, this is about people with PMS who annoy you?"

Oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one that had to do a double-take on that bit. That's what I get for checking the board before my morning coffee. If there are any more out there like us, Stephen may be getting some PM's from some very angry females.

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