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Howard Core Company Luthier Supply


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Some already mentioned above-International Violin Company, M & M with Shar, Southwest Strings, Nordenholz to mention a few that have provided me with good service over the last twenty years. There are others as well for various specific requests such as Dov Schmidt who carry some good products.

Reliable companies with dependable service and policies. Unfortunately a few bad experiences with a company and it is easy to find someone who is gladly willing to have your business. Some companies don't seem to care about customer service-guess they can afford to lose customers!

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To Whom it may concern,

I just got an email yesterday saying that the company is relocating...

As many of you know, we are expanding into a new location. We will be moving our staff, computer system and telephone service this coming weekend.

Beginning Monday, February 5th, you may experience some disruption in our normal services.


However, we suggest that you place your orders this week (Jan. 29 - Feb. 2)

in order to avoid any possible delay. All orders placed by the end

of the day Thursday, Feb. 1 will ship this week.

For details, log into our Dealer Site.

Best Regards,

Howard Core Company LLC

This sort of change can impede the

expedience of day-to-day-business. I would give them some time to re-establish the quotidian of daily transactions.

All the best for a happy and peaceful new year,


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My experience with Dov was so-so... Yes he was very quick to answer emails and all that, but to me it seemed like he didn't like a retail customer like me ordering just one or two items at a time. Maybe if you're a shop owner or a business that orders a large quantity at a time, you might be treated differently. As for the product I received, it was worth the price I paid but no more than that. The best service experience I had as a retail customer so far was with Johnson String Instruments in Boston.

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I've only ordered from dov on time. I ordered 3 items an it seemed to me that it was a bother to him to take my order. He didn't have a way to make a customer feel at ease. I'm not saying that I wouldn't order from him again but I can usually get everything I need from International violin, Howard Core or JSB wholesale.

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AlixD05 Wrote

I've sent Howard Core for at least 5 emails

in these two months but they never reply me.

Do you have an order with them or is it an enquiry?

This has happened to me with an order that was placed online and

was not getting charged/shipped but it was quickly resolved by

ringing them. I do know which country you are in but as I am

Australia the number I used was +1 (256) 2368887.

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  • 3 months later...

Is there any improvement of Howard Call's email order system?

 Do you guys still need to wait for above 1 month to get your


My friend told me Kim is responsible for ordering in Howard Core

but she seems not very reliable,  Is it true? I do want to buy

some tools from them coz I can't find other online shop provide

what I need.  But if I have to keep email and call them in

order to get the order, I would rather choose to order from

European companies even tho the price is much more higher.

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After having troubles with a previous supplier (St. Louis Music), I have just started ordering from Howard Core -- 2 orders so far -- and have had great service. I have not used e-mail ordering, but rather their toll-free number. On my last order, phoned in on a Friday, they called me back the following Tuesday to see if they could substitute a viola neck-block for the violin neck-block I had ordered.

One minor quibble -- I had ordered plain wood for both a viola and a violin, and maybe that's hard to get. The ribs in particular had fairly good flame. But, that's ok. They apparently moved me up a grade to get the order out. I received the order about 10 days after I called it in.

AlixDO5, if the e-mail system isn't working for you, why not try the phone? And then mention your e-mail troubles there as you order.

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I got to the stage where I started to doubt that "Kim" actually existed, and that the few times I did have two-way communication must have been in a dream state.

As far as I'm concerned, forget about HC and find other more reliable sources.

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I did talk to Kim by making an international call.  But

unfortunately I still can't get her email reply which she promised

to do so.  Now I know that this company or Kim herself doesn't

like to deal with international order.  Its nonsense for

overseas buyer to keep calling them in order to make and receive

the order.

Extremely disappointed with this company

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yea, I know International Violin provide much better service.

 But I have to order different kinds of products include

strings in large amount not only tools, so HC was my

first priority. Now I gotta look for other companies

which can provide me all kinds of things in competitive price and

they are not rude to overseas buyers.

Honestly, I dun understand why its so hard for them to reply

customers' email....And I can't even find their contact tel number

on their webpage..

hmmm....very interesting company

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