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Gofriller, Techler, Panormo...what's the logic?


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Panormo was a late 18th century maker who worked in Dublin. Even though he lived in Dublin he was of Italian heritage, so auctions and dealers categorize his work as 'Italian'.

Goffriller and Techler were non-Italians who worked in Venice and Rome, repectively. Their work is also classified by the same experts as being 'Italian'.

You can't have this both ways. What's the logic?

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I can confirm Michael's point.

I have an Alberto Blanchi violin. Blanchi was French and lived in Nice. However, his name sounds Italian and Nice is near the Italian border. As far as I know, these are his only connections to Italy. These characteristics were apparently enough for one auction house to list one of his violins as "Franco-Italian."

This is of course fine by me since I own one.

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Nice did not actually become part of France until 1860. Before that it was part of the primarily Italian kingdom of Savoy. Nice was ceded to France as part of the arrangements that resulted in a united Italy, which included most of Savoy--in fact, the King of Savoy, Victor Emmanuel II, became King of Italy. Nice again became Italian briefly in 1940--during Alberto Blanchi's lifetime--when Mussolini profited from the fall of France by annexing it, but it went back to France after WWII. If I'm not mistaken, the population of Nice, although primarily French-speaking, included a substantial Italian-speaking minority and the family of Alberto Blanchi (or Bianchi, as it would be spelled in Italian) may have belonged to that minority. So it may not be such a stretch to refer to Alberto Blanchi as "Franco-Italian."

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