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Violin teachers--bunker mentality?


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No its not the only way, it is just the fastest and most assured of success way. Thinking through this, at some point every new technique was self-taught by the person who came up with the technique. So it is possible to replicate all of the discoveries by oneself. The problem is the time to do this, especially the time spent exploring blind alleys. Teaching keeps you from having to re-invent the wheel.

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With all due respect Steve, I think you are overreacting a tad here, but to take up the gauntlet.

Yes, I have no doubt that Sammonns was a genius and I also have no doubt that the majority of Maestroneters, myself included are not, which is why I will continue to go to a violin teacher for my lessons and not a shoemaker, and also why I would encourage others to do the same.

However, I was reacting to this:-

"A completely self-taught player will never, ever learn how to use to bow to produce a real violin sound."

That statement is just as incorrect as saying "anybody can teach themselves to produce a real violin sound"

Of course producing a "real violin sound" is only one small part of making great music on the violin.

And just to get really pedantic, learning from interaction with others is not being taught. If you want to be "taught" the first requirement is to find a teacher. If you want to "learn", the only requirements are an open mind and the desire to learn (you might of course only learn your own limits this way:-).

Best regards


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I grew up in a small town and had limited instruction from a teacher with a limited understanding(see"not real violin sound").By listening to recordings, and a hell of a lot of time fiddle under chin, I was able to learn to play the violin pretty decently. I would like to think that with access to recordings and an instrument, a person can have teachers like Perlman , Zuckerman,etc. Of course this is far from ideal, but I must respond to the "real violin sound"thing. Forgive me

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