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Fred. August Glass II question


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Hi. I recently received a violin that was left in someone's attic for a long time. My local violin repairman said it was built by F. August Glass in the 1800s in Germany, and maybe worth a couple thousand. The initials "AG" are stamped on the knob on the back. The label reads:

Freid. Aug. Glass verfertigt nach

Jacobus Stainer, in Abfam,

prope Oenipontum, 1690

The violin wasn't well taken care of, and there are nicks along the side, the varnish is worn in places, so I'm sure it's $$ value isnt' much. However, it plays beautifully, has a clear, and quick response. The yellowish varnish, puffed-up body and carved f-holes are characteristics of Stainer. My question is, I read that Stainer died in 1683, therefore how could he have make a violin in 1690?

I'm sorry I can't provide a picture for you. Any information you could provide on Glass would be helpful. Thank you.


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Stainer wasn't all that puffy, and labels which are inaccurate in the years of makers' deaths are rife.

Without a photo one can't tell if this is one of the 'F. A. Glass' violins sold in catalogs early in the 20th century, but it probably is. They weren't bad violins, as I recall. Yellowish brown varnish would be right--they avoided that cheap, glaring red with some of the better ones.

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Thank you for your help. I wish I could put a pic up, but i don't have a scanner, I understand it's hard to name it otherwise. The body is more slender than the Stradivarius copy I have, and the f-holes more defined. Compared to the Strad which I grew out of after 10 years, the effortless sound from the Glass is a relief. I will give it the TLC it deserves, to be played! which is more important than the $ value. I'm thankful for such a find. Thanks again. I'll keep looking up info on Glass. I'm enjoying this message board.

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You might find this interesting.


I have seen many Glass violins sell on e-bay with a general range of $500 to $1,500. I have had one offered to me by a dealer for $5,000. A friend of mine has one that was appraised for $2,000. It sounds like you received one for the best price of all.

Everything that I have heard indicates that they are generally good playing violins. There seems to be more Strad models than the Steiner models. I would not worry much about the scratches on it lowering the value. If you like it, do not worry about selling it. If you want to sell it, it is not hard to touch up scratches.

Every violin has its own characteristics, but it is hard to see how, from a general nature, you could sell this violin and with the same money expect to get a better playing one. Make sure that you have a good setup.

Steiner was not a great volumn producer of violins, but rather he created a style, which was copied for hundreds of years. There is a great deal of unknowns when it concerns the dates and events of two, three, or four hundred years ago.

Enjoy your violin,


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