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Has anyone seen Walmart's fiddle commercial? Basically it's about how fiddles can make people insanely happy, and how the music that makes people insanely happy can be bought at Walmart, but I'm wondering how widely-distributed the commercial is?

I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada so I think it makes sense that we get it here. Is it showing anywhere else?


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I have not seen the Commerical you are talking about I wish I had. I don't know how to explain the commericals in the United States except to say they are obnoxious.

They did have a good Dell Computer commerical, but the cute little guy had to get in trouble buying drugs. Lot of people didn't like that commerical either.

We have one commerical of a guy playing himself and then playing the part of his Mother, now that is OBNOXIOUS.


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Folgers coffee was running a commercial a while back showing a young woman fiddler "waking up" to her Folgers and then you see her at what looks like a fiddle contest or convention. Cool commercial, but anything that shows a violin/fiddle catches my eye.

I love the latest "Beef, its what's for supper" commercials where the couple are sitting at a restaurant waiting for their steaks to come to the table. The man thinks their order is coming and you hear a string ensemble burst into "Rodeo," then the camera goes to a string ensemble squeezed into the restaurant, but the guy signals them to stop because it isn't their meal. Then their meals arrive and he cues the ensemble to play.

I can NOT hear Rodeo any more without craving a medium rare filet mignon, thanks to those beef commercials.

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Wow..talk about timing! I was just about to post something about Walmarts site. I just got off of it, and was amazed at how many MP3's they had in Classical Music of the albums they carry. They have 30 seconds clips of almost every song or movement of the CD's I checked out...Perlman, Milstein, etc...

Here is the link to the Composers section..

Walmart Classical Music Section

If that doesn't go right to it just go to Walmart.com and search under Music. I know other sites have samples, but I refuse to download Real Player or WMP.


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In the UK, we did have an advert involving a violin, but I TOTALLY forget what they were advertising. Maybe when I explain, a UK based Maestronetter will come up with the answer.

Basically you hear this violin playing Beethoven's Romance in the background throughout the ad. The schtick seems to be people doing things you don't expect from them, so we have Roy Keane (footballer who gets in trouble a fair bit) doing embroidery, daleks becoming buddhists, etc. In the end the violinist appears, looking like a fiddler (cowboy hat etc), but playing this refined classical music.

Now what was that advert for?

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A friend of mine played fiddle in a Folger's commercial, but I don't think it was the Irish dancer one. It was one where a young woman wakes up to a lovely sunshiny morning, and various musicians (actually, members of the hardcore/bluegrass band Uncle F***er) cavort and gambol about. My roommate/fiddle teacher was thinking about trying out for it, but she missed the audition.

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