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Due to the recent success of the F-hole tutorial, and the amount of good information I (and I'm sure many others) had the chance to absorb, I have started this one...

And I'll start with an example I like, but not sure exactly the reasons why Tuscan

Michael you see anything awkward there? (For the untrained eye, I'd have to have to say that one looks almost perfect......or?)

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One could argue that quality of execution and quality of vision are two different things: it's possible to execute something perfectly, but also make it ugly. On the other hand, something imperfectly executed can be beautiful. Actually, your f-hole is a perfect example: essentially aesthetic, technically crude. :-)

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Thanks Michael, I agree with you whole heartedly.

I truly wonder if I ever will achieve anything different, because, (true confessions here) that is characteristic of yours truly.

In one sense I am content with that, because it is real, and in many ways reflects my view of life.

My art will eventually show refinment of "crudeness", and perhaps approach "casual" maybe, but always exhibit element of ,emphasis on style, grace, and motion, I hope.

I think it is essential for an artist to be true to himself.


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