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Berg Violin Concerto - Gitlis


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I love this concerto. I like Chung's, but I really like Perlman's, too. In fact, I was listening to his recording of this on Saturday night. Mutter's is nasty; the phrases are all wrong. Haven't heard Gitlis, so really I have nothing to contribute to this thread (I just wanted to grab the opportunity to say that I really love this concerto).

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I have heard a lot of different recordings (but not A-S M), and IMO the Kremer recording surpasses all of them. He integrates so totally with the orchestra, that it is often nearly impossible to say where an orchestra phrase ends and he takes over. No virtuoso "touch" whatsoever, just the Berg concerto.

Knowing the perfectly polished, silver and pink painted plastic copy of the seasons which A-S M produced together with H v K I cannot imagine that she even could come near to what this concert is.

All the others I have heard show to a certain degree kind of "look, I am the great xyz playing that Berg concerto", but some of them are still really good (Perlman).

Just my opinion.

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