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Rotator cuff injury; help!

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Looks like this topic has come back from the grave recently - which is great, 'cos I was just about to post about something similar. I'm 65, I've been playing fiddle forever, no family history of arthritis etc, and  have an intermittent left upper arm ache that playing violin makes worse when it's there - at times it just isn't. I'm interested in whether this might be a well known fiddler's ailment that I can tell my osteo about - she reckons some kind of 'compaction' and gave me a good pummeling (as osteos do) plus gentle stretching/rowing exercises. My pain isn't in the shoulder joint, it appears to be about 4-6" down the arm from there, a sharp ache. It manifests easily when I do this: left arm pointing straight out in front with hand at shoulder left, palm down. That's fine - push on the hand up, down, left, right, with the other hand - all OK. Rotate the hand and arm to the left so the little finger's to the floor, push same directions - OK. Continue rotation left till the left hand is palm up. Push L, R, up - OK. Push down - Ouch!

Any ideas please? I'm not asking for a 2nd opinion, just whether this rings any bells or more info?

Thanks, Max

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