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Help ID the violinist playing this Beethoven conc


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Sounds like the later Heifetz recording (with Munch) to me. (This is based on just listening to a minute of the last movement. Didn't want to deal with the whole thing.)

Listen to the bite of the bow, and the lean vibrancy of the tone, and add to that the fast tempo, and the older Heifetz is a good bet. I don't actually have the later recording to compare directly, but I can tell you it's definitely not the young Heifetz, whose recording I do have, though there are definite interpretive similarities (but that recording has a smoother, elegant, more lyrical interpretation).

Can anyone confirm?

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Honestly... how can this be anyone else other than Heifetz? (I'm surprised that even lwl was not 100% sure, after all she founded the first maestronet guess-the-violinist challenge ) Yes, I'm sure this is the recording with Munch.


p.s. lwl, I just learned from other posts that you were away from the board for quite a while - I too visit here very sparingly nowadays. Anyway, let me know when you have recitals in the future, as I don't think I live very far away from you (see me email) and it'd be fun to actually hear a maestronetter!

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