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help with string mix up!!!!!!!!!


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I `ve took some string off a violin while doing some work on it.

I`m now all mixed as to which is which and what brand they are.

Two of the string are mainly green with black windings,one is black at the pegbox the other is a pinky /beige colour.

The other string is white with purple windings and is black at the pegbox.

Any ideas,i think the last might be an aricore `A`.

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if the black/green one with the pinky-beige pegbox colour is in fact evah pirazzi (that was the first one that came to mind for me...) it's likely the D-string. the pirastro D's are usually red at the pegbox, but i've had ones in oliv sets that have deviated and are wound in a pinky colour. my hypothesis on this is that it's due to a difference in the thickness of the string; i believe the one i had was extraordinarily thick, it felt almost as thick as my G :)

hah. in fact, i just opened up an evah pirazzi D that i had lying around (convenient, eh... ) and in fact the pegbox part is wound in a weird pink-ish colour. my very expert and humble opinion therefore concludes it's likely to be a pirazzi D! whee. this is fun.

if the green/black winding is the same colours on the two strings that have it, and the above actually is a D evah pirazzi, then the one with the black peg insertion part is the A string. i guess the logical conclusion is then that the purple/white wound one is the G string.... however if it's the A string as you mentioned it might be i've got a huge flaw in my logic... good luck with figuring it out!


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