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The 5 essential books


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I think you're all 'barking up the wrong tree'.

1) Beethoven Sonatas vol. 1 (if split)

2) Brahms Sonatas complete

3) Bach - S & P complete

4) Sarasate pub.Dover - Carmen Fantasy and other concert favourites

5) Mozart - Band 1 pub. Wiener Urtext

What else? surely not more studies......then again I am the T_D so (obviously) playing all this stuff won't be an issue!!!

Yours modestly......ahem....


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DH Lawrence is a 'complicated' writer, but Sons and Lovers was a fabulous book.

T_D is right...it depends if you mean technical books, or repertoire books.


Kreutzer 42 Studies

Paganini 24 Caprices

Bach SP

Flesch Scales

I can't really think of a fifth, but if it were an advanced player, I would go with Ernst.


Beethoven Sonatas

Brahms Sonatas

The Sarasate favorites

Can't think of 2 others at the moment.

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If we're talking desert island I'd certainly pick the Bach sonatas abd partitas. I assume I wouldn't have an accompanist so I guess I'd prefer stuff for unaccompanied violin but I can't think of enough else right now. Personally I could live just on the Bach for the rest of my life.

BTW, I think all technical challenges can be found in repertoire pieces so I'd skip the studies entirely.

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