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She bought the Dunraven from Bein & Fushi, and the story I heard there, the truth of which I have no idea, is that her next appearance was in Ann Arbor. After that performance, Bein and Fushi started getting phone calls because the people in the orchestra had mis-heard that her violin was a new "Don Rabin" from B&F, and everyone in the orchestra wanted one. :-)

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From: The Way Famous Instruments Went.


Anne-Sophie Mutter acquired the Emiliani in 1979, the Lord Dunraven in 1984. About the later one she says: 'Bein & Fushi brought it to Zurich. I only had to play on it for two or three minutes in order to say to myself: "Whatever it takes, I must have this instrument". ...'

'Which of your Stradivari have you selected for the sonatas?' asked Georges Gad Ms. Mutter having in mind the Beethoven Sonatas. She answered: 'The "Lord Dunraven" from 1710. I bought it a dozen years ago. My first, the "Emiliani", is superb, but is missing a certain dimension. It sounds superb, but that's all. It has no stridency. It lacks unbridled power. I need this harshness for the eruptive moments of the Beethoven sonatas. One needs it for Brahms, Sibelius and contemporary works'.

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I agree. I've seen she gets somewhat mixed reviews here on Maestronet, for a variety of reasons. Some find her style somewhat calculated. I'm not sure I agree, at least not for all of her recordings I've heard. I quite admire her. Say what you will about other aspects of her playing, but oh my, what a vibrato! (And I'm not even speaking figuratively.)

Among her recordings, the Berg violin concerto stands out for me, some of the more modern pieces as well.

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okay, okay. I get it. Actually, I got it the last time you posted. Now I've gotten it all over again. You don't like ASM's violin playing. I mean, you really don't like ASM's violin playing. Is that it? Or should I look forward to your next snide posting in which you describe how useful ASM CDs are as coasters or doorstops...

For my part, I think I'll probably continue to listen to those ASM recordings I like...along with those of the many other violinists' whose work moves me....

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