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Is there any Violin/Viola and Bassoon Duets/Trios!

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A few thoughts.

A bassoonist can possibly play cello parts, which would make many string trios possible, substituting a bassoon for the cello. The bassoon player will have to have a look at the various cello parts and decide what is realistic.

As far as violin/viola duos there are the two Mozart duos in G major and Bb major, both are wonderful. The horn duos have been transcribed for violin and viola and can be delightful to play, each of those is quite short. Darius Milhaud wrote a violin/viola duo which is a good audience piece, though not a masterpiece.

I don't know any trios that are originally for violin, viola, and bassoon. But there is a trio for viola, cello, and bassoon by Rolla, who was Paganini's teacher. This is a fun piece. For cello and bassoon there there are duos by Mozart and Hindemith which are both great pieces.

Hope this helps.

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As a bassoonist, I heartily recommend Kabal's suggestion. You can also use woodwind trio music, but the violist has to transpose. I've played just about every combination with strings and winds.

Try to keep in mind that the sonority will be very different. The bassoon will have to take all of the dynamic markings down at least one level or it will overpower the strings. Suggest that the bassoonist use his darkest sounding reed. Usually the oldest one in the box.

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