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Who wants to play some Bach?


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The rules are simple. If you post an attachment, play Bach. It doesn't matter what, be it from the Sonatas and Partitas, the Suites, the six Partitas and Overtures in the French style, the minuets, but it must be Bach. Of course, all comments without attachments are welcome.

I'm starting off with an excerpt from the Ciaccona...

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Very nice playing from linuxviolin and a good thread. I hope some people will post attachments.

I’m listening to Yojimbo’s cello clip downloaded from COA. Supposedly you can post up to a 10MB clip. This ought to fit because it’s only 3.57MB ??? Maybe there’s some kind of timeout problem.

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Here's my Sarabande from the first Viola suite (sometimes this suite is also called the first Cello suite, I wonder why... )

Primrose84, playing the Ciaccona in fifths must be fun... Sometimes we do that in our quartet. Once we played kreutzer 2, the violinists played it in the original key, me a fifth down in F major, and our cellist in Bb major... It was pretty "jazzy" indeed!

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Wonderful, simply wonderful! Thank you for sharing your music, and the Bach post is a great idea!

It seems that you and alistar have performed so masterfully that all others are hesitant to contribute. It should not be this way, especially at such a magical time of year.

As a real rookie I do not have to worry about trying to match your level, and besides, tonight I am either too dumb or thick skinned to be shy. So, here is a piece from Bach - the good old "Minuet 1". I am sure many will recognize it from their early studies. Forgive my clumsiness, it is difficult when you start at my age.


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