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Beethoven "Spring" Sonata


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Congratulations on recording such clean and in-tune Beethoven!

Just a small suggestion: I think you can afford to scare the living [censored] out of us more with the crescendos in this "cute" movement--take some risks (this and your Dvorak sound like you have quite a bit of technique to spare). In measures 20 and 29-31, you could be more schizophrenic and off-the-wall without crossing the line (this is Beethoven, afterall); IMHO, 40-42 was in the right direction, but even more would be great.

BTW, it shows that you admire Milstein.

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Thanks everyone for your nice comments! I will post more as soon as I finish up everything. I'm making a CD of the whole sonata to give to my family (at Christmas) and my school teachers after my exams are FINALLY over.

Vieuxtemps, you're right, when I was listening to the playback I was thinking the same exact thing. Unfortunately I was not in the most energetic of moods when I recorded the piece, but maybe I'll try again later. (btw, Milstein rocks!)


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