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Happy Birthday, Ludwig !


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I've listened to my Kreisler Beethoven CD a lot this week- the violin concerto + two different recordings of Op. 30 No. 3.

When I was in grade school, I recall dressing up as Beethoven (and various other composers) for music class on their birthdays. The teacher liked it because of the many times that she didn't have to make a lesson plan for us.

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My seventh grade English class did just that after reading some book about music- I think it was "The Mozart Season" or something like that. We wrote page or two bios of the composer we chose, then we had to choose a poem, a piece of art, and one of the composer's works and write comparisons. Then we presented everything to the class, and several of us wore costumes- since I chose Paganini, I had to imitate his "stance"- what with his long leg

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What a discovery! I'll see if I can speak with him tonight, trouble is he doesn't hear well on the 'phone and there's no broadband yet in Heaven. If there was......he could help us all at M-net. God Bless Ludwig......may his concerto haunt us for ever.

Incidentaly I heard Kremer playing last mvt on the radio yesterday - it was going great (fast and most musical), then he 'hit' the cadenza (which was also going well) but stopped to make way for a ????????????

Short Piano Cadenza !!!

Like.......doh! What's going on there then - poor Birthday Boy Lud-ie.

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