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Beethoven 7th Symphony


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My son's youth orchestra is playing Beethoven's 7th. He says its hard and is getting frustrated. Has anyone else here had the same feelings? Do you think it is too much for a youth ochestra? They are quite good and I know they can do it justice but the frustration level is a bit high. They do have until March to prepare it.

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It all depends on the youth orchestra. I played the 7th at camp this year and it wasn't a strain at all, but that was an orchestra composed almost entirely of juniors and seniors headed towards conservatories. This piece requires very good string sections and horns; most of the other parts aren't terribly difficult.

It also depends on the conductor's approach to the music. If he/she's making them play it faster then they can comfortably handle, I can understand the frustration. And they don't have to play the last movement at a breakneck pace to get a feel for the piece. If it's so much of a monster for the orchestra that the musicians just hate it by March, I doubt that it's appropriate.


Senior and accepted to college!

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Congratulations Micaela, that's wonderful news. =)

Regarding the Beethoven 7th...our symphony orchestra played it earlier this year. Granted we're all college students...but that regardless, it does seem hard initially, but once you get used to it, it's not that bad. It's a fun symphony. Stamina is needed though...some of those extended fast passages get slightly tiring after playing it for a while. =)

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i think if you're looking for a good performance of beethoven symphonies, unless you have an absolutely fantastic conductor, youth orchestras can really butcher them... take my school orchestra for example. i'll never see beethoven 6 the same ever again.

at the same time, however, a lot of conductors will get youth orchestras to play beethoven because they're very important for excerpts and auditions and such. even if it's over a kid's head right now, it's good experience for them to play it -- solidifies things that will be needed later on.

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