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I have a European violin with obligato strings. (just about $1300) The strings have a nice warm, mellow sound. However, I think I'd like to try something a little louder. I tried obligatos on another violin that is not mine, and I thought the volume would break glass. Is Evah Pirazzi what Im looking for for my violin? Can I go louder with the same warm properties, or do I have to go to brighter strings for more volume. Also, can adjusting the soundpost or anything else increase the volume of the instrument?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Try Larsen's with the golden E. I had Pirazzi's, did not like the wolftone that G produced in the high positions. IMHO, Larsen combines the brightness of Pirazzi with the warmth of Obligato. FYI, I had Obligato's on my 2nd violin and liked them a lot. On my 1st violin, I tried Pirazzi and after reading some posts on Maestronet, switched to Larsen and voila! got what I was looking for.

Of course, it all depends on an individual instrument, your playing abilities and personal preferences. Good luck, regardless!

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