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Teachers -- funniest "gift" ever recieved


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You must have your rest and enjoy some time out of the regular lessons, It's not harmful to remove that 'weekly pressure' (that most serious students feel) now and then.

I'm taking time off for a few days (as I always do) but each year I get back into the routine much quicker. it used to be New Year, now it's 5-6 days after end of term.


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I believe that nurturing a pupil, be it in Music (Violin), sport, art, drama,......anything, is a complex science. It is not impossible however to learn from mistakes (as a teacher) and turn this experience to your advantage and the advatage of your students.

I look back as a young gifted player and can clearly differentiate between influences that were good and influences that were 'neutral'. Luckily I avoided influences that were really bad, but it's not true for everyone. Poor teachers, uncaring institutions, difficult parents, poor training systems.....the list is endless of how talent and aptitude can be badly managed.

I would say that there were crucial points in my life where things were not good. In my short time as a 'vocational' teacher I've challenged myself to find the answers to these issues for the good of my students. I don't have all the answers but at least I've learned and continue to do so.

Does that make sense?

Thanks Carlo for the interest, and for the complement! Rest assured you will pass your own expectations in time.

Some of my ex-pupils are now better than me - that probably sums it all up rather well.

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How many of your students actually give you presents at Christmas (or any other time)? The last lesson and recital has come and gone, and out of 10 students I received two gifts... and one was from my little brother. The gifts in themselves don't matter... what would I do with another coffee mug anyway? but I thought it was interesting to observe which kids (parents) will bring something.

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