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Would you dare get on stage with a "lemon"?


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Forget "lemons;" I'm not sure I'd get on stage even with a great violin without some time to get used to it. The only time I had the opportunity to play a Cremonese instrument, it was so much more responsive than my own violin I couldn't get a good sound out of it. It was like trying to drive a race car when all you've driven before is mini-vans! -Steve

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I think the feel and setup of the instrument are more important than the sound for this question. If you have your own sound (as many people have) you will produce some version of that from a violin with almost any tone character. Anyway, what % of the audience will notice the precise tone (fewer than you might think, I would say)? If you're not comfortable on the other hand the possibility for screw-ups is vastly increased, and they will notice that.

I'd rather borrow a well set up comfortable lemon than an uncomfortable physically unsympathetic 'old master'.

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