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Hilary Hahn at Carnegie Hall 11/26


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I haven't really processed the whole evening, to be honest, but just wanted to say the concert was absolutely wonderful. Maybe this sounds stupid, but I swear there was something magical/electric in the atmosphere. The whole evening seemed to be charmed. As if players and audience all knew something special was happening. Ms. Hahn and Ms Zhu appeared to be in absolutely top form. The program -- including encores -- was identical to the 11/22 Oberlin performance Steve Labonne reviewed for us all so well the other day. I lost track of the standing ovations.

On the anecdotal front, no shoulder rest incidents to report. Although at the end, her G string peg popped out --- twice -- and she chatted with the audience while she retuned.

Nothing unusual about the shoulder rest, which was some sort of Kun-type thing to which she added a towel which had been folded over several times to make it rather thick.

After the concert, she met with the audience members at a room on the First Tier. I might have skippped this part, personally, but I was with my 7-year-old daughter. It was pretty crowded but the audience members were mostly well behaved, for a New York crowd anyway. That means, there was pushing and jostling but it was subtle and there was no swearing. I did get elbowed out of the way by a lady with a fur coat, but she was polite about it. Sort of. Anyway, the experience energized my Brooklyn roots and I was able then to protect my daughter as she made her way to Hilary Hahn & Natalie Zhu. Ms. Hahn was friendly and sweet and modest. As was Ms. Zhu. Hilary chatted with my daughter and gave her her autograph -- and thrilled my daughter to no end. A great end to the evening.

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I was there too and agree with StringDad's comments - it was a great evening. She really is extraordinary. A privilege to hear her. NY audiences can be somewhat snooty and standing ovations are not given out to just anybody. I don't think I've attended a concert in NYC with so much whistling and cheering!

My only (small) quibble would be that I've heard those same encore pieces at her recitals for the last 3 seasons.

Everything was played from memory, by the way.

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"NY audiences can be somewhat snooty and standing ovations are not given out to just


Interesting - of course this was almost 20 years ago, but I did not attend a single concert in Carnegie Hall in my 2 years there ( 10-15 concerts in attendance and 7 performed on stage) that did not recieve standing ovations. Even some of the more mediocre performances. I kind of admire the audiences there for knowing how to get an encore though. Here in Texas, standing ovations aren't rare, but not guaranteed either, but getting 4 or more curtain calls is very rare, and so, therefore, are encores by soloists. Miss Hahn was here at the Bass Hall in Fort Worth just last week, and I didn't hear a thing about it until after it was over. My loss.

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I'm glad you didn't skip the opportunity to chat. Your daughter will never forget it. How wonderful. My ten-year-old daughter was brave enough to say hi when we saw HH this summer but was too shy to join me in the signing line a couple of years ago. I think she's beginning to appreciate how much she'll remember things like this in the future.

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