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I'm looking for strings for my violin because i like to have superior sound on my violin and like trying new things to improve my instrument, plus i've had the current ones on for 6 or 7 months already (dominants... sigh..). My limit is 40us dollars and i was wondering if anyone can reccomend a string with a dark rich sound as simular to gut as possible.


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I concur with BANKSHOT's suggestion of Thomastik-Infeld RED strings and his recommendation of Concord Music as a supplier.

However, there are very fine strings that just are not good at all on some violins - and you have to be careful of these. The Infelds, I have found to be widely useful. On the other hand, as fine as Pirastro Obligato strings can be, I have had a couple of experiences in which they were definitely not the right string for the instrument.

Sometimes, a mix of strings will better meet you tonal goals.

Perhaps an expert at Concord can advise you. Otherwise, no one knows more about this than Richard Ward at Ifshin Violins in Berkely, CA.


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I am actually using a mix of strings, myself. My violin tends to be a bit duller than I like on the low strings and a bit brighter than I like on the high strings. I'm using Evah Pirazzis for the G and D, because they are so bright. I'm using an Infeld Red A and Pirastro Gold E.

Thomastik promotes the Infeld Reds and Blues as mix-and-match strings. They are designed to have the same tension (Red A same tension as Blue A, Red D same as Blue D, etc.).

I haven't had any problems mixing the Infelds and the Evah Pirazzis, but I must admit that I really don't understand how significant it is that the string tension be closely matched. Thomastik makes a big deal of it. Have any of you had any string tension problems using different brands of strings at the same time?

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Larsen A and it's Gold E is excellent. I dont like the G and D initially, it sounds like dominant but as time passes, it getting better and better. Sounds brilliant and sensitive too. Now my violinist teacher is also switching to larsen from Dominant after witnessing the magic of it on my violin. I have been using it for >3 months and it still sounds good.

Oh yes, Minuet, You may write to pirastro and request for a free copy of obligato strings if you are looking for darker sound strings.

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