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Hello again!

Did you know that there are new recordings posted at the COTA website? Some Maestronet members have put up recordings, and are eagerly awaiting your reviews!

Please come and listen and post your reviews in the new "Concert Hall" forum.



P.S. The COTA website is a non-commercial, non-ad sponsored, FREE website. Come and see what there is!


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You don’t really need much. I’ve recorded using a cheap computer microphone intended for voice into the mic input on built in motherboard sound. Windows has a sound recorder in accessories where you can record up to 1 minute. It isn’t very good but it works and you get a wav file. Then you have to convert the wav file to an mp3 file to post it here. There is a free mp3 converter at http://www.dbpoweramp.com/dmc.htm

Radio Shack has a headset computer mic like mine for $10 on sale.

Start by looking for some kind of better recording software than the one in Windows. Recording software doesn’t have to be expensive. I use Sound Forge. After that it’s a question of good microphones and pre-amps. You can go from a $10 microphone plugged into the back of the computer in the mic input up to professional microphones with a pre-amp into the the line inputs or directly into a sound card with built in pre-amps.

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Here is THE answer for those of you who don't want to spend money, or get too complicated. Get MusicMatch Jukebox

It is simple to use, and produces fine results for what we are doing over at the COTA website. Best of all: it is FREE! I LIKE free! And this program is extreemly FREE. So NO EXCUSES!

You can send files as mp3, wav, wma, or whatever. I will take care of the conversion for you. It doesn't matter how big the file is - my e-mail can handle it. For the sake of those who will be downloading and listening to your piece, try to keep the recordings under 4 minutes if possible.

Please be sure to read the submission guidelines, and follow them closely. If you leave something out, it may delay the posting of your recording.

If you need further help, you can send me a private e-mail at jp@artsconservatory.com



(Director, Conservatory of the Arts)

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