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The cat just ignores me and my noisy object.

The dog, however, seems to enjoy the tunes.

Except for Arkansas Traveler.

She just takes to howling in a very low and disconcerting way when I play that tune. I can play the first part or two, and hear the howl. Switch to a different tune, the howling stops. Start in on the next part or variation that grabs me and, you guessed it, the howling is right back there. It certainly makes me think that I must not be playing this tune just right! Or maybe she just prefers the old Monroe version of this tune...

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I have returned to playing again after a brief hiatus (of about 25 years) and my dog let's me know how I'm doing. He will come into the room and whine and bark, then if I stop, he gets very happy.

He doesn't interrupt me as much as he used to, so I take that as a favorable evaluation of my progress.

- CamQTR

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Slightly. This cat used to leave the room as well, though the most contented I've ever seen him was when he was listening to my Perlman/Barenboim recording of the Mozart Piano/Violin Sonatas. He didn't twitch his ears once.

For some reason, though, today he really wanted to be helpful. Sometimes he'd pull his ear one way, and as I got closer to the pitch, his ear would move back to its natural position.

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