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buzzing string


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Apart from the advice Tarisio has given which could be the problem,also look for loose fine tuner nut ,any hollw sounding cracks and tap round the edge to see if there is any hollow sounds which could indicate that the table is loose in that part.

Also someone in a previous post mentioned loose fancy inserts in the pegs.

If thats all these are clear you might have a bass bar that s become unglued at a certain point.This is more difficult to deal with.

You should also check the tailgut isn`t touching anywhere under the tailpiece or the tailpiece is in contact with the chinrest .

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It is also possible to have a crack - especially a separation of front or back from the ribs that buzzes at a certain tone, but not others; this is easy to glue back together. Sometimes a loose set screw on a fine tuner will buzz in resonance with particular frequencies.

To check for a fingerboard relationship, you could try putting the D string on the A or G string position to see if it still buzzes.


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