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What ever happened to LWL?


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People drop in and out of this forum and it's an ever-changing group. There has always been a mix of various skill levels and ages. We have had high school students, interested parents, symphony players, public school music teachers, free lance musicians, adult beginners, conservatory students, Nashville cats, professional and amateur instrument makers, fiddlers of various styles, university string professors, amateur string players of different skill levels and any other variety of string nut that you can think of with access to the internet. We're all customers or potential customers of the sponsors of this forum.

I miss the posts from some of those who have moved on but enjoy many of the newer posters too. You can learn a lot and meet some interesting people. Maestronet helps keep my violin interest up but I try to keep it in perspective as just Internet entertainment even though the people are real.

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I stopped reading and posting when the board changed formats, a number of months ago. (It had nothing to do with HKV or anyone else.)

I'm much less active on BAVS than I used to be, as well. Too many things to do in my life, and not enough time to do them in. Practice time's been woefully short, and thus if I have spare music time, I'd rather spend it on the instrument itself.

(I saw this post because a BAVS member was kind enough to email me the URL telling me about it.)

My email address is in my profile, for anyone who wants to contact me privately.

I'll be back when/if I have spare time again.

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