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violin etude book recommendation


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My instructor gives me the option to choose any etude book I like. I don't have any preference at this point. My instructor's personal favorite is the Kayser. But even with teh Kayser, there are several editions from different publishers. Is there any edition that's particularly good compared to the others? I've also heard good comments on the Kreutzer and the Severk. Any opinions?

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If your teacher says Kayser do Kayser! The editione is not so important since your teacher probably will write his/her own fingering and bowing.

Kayser is prepatory to Kreutzer so you can probably wait a bit with it but eventually you will need it.

Sevcik is always good to have. Go for op 2:1 bowing technique to start with.

Good luck!


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Kayser is a good book.

I get pupils to do (or try);

Wohlfahrt - Kayser - Mazas - Kreutzer.....Dont, Gavinies etc.

If your teacher recommends Kayser go for it and if it proves too easy or hard then re-think (with his/her help).

Kreutzer is a must have book but is quite hard and is not as all-embracing as you might think.

Sevcik is more 'exercises' than studies. But GET SOME

Op.3 40 variations is a MUST for right hand. Op.8 you cannot pass if you want to hone shifting technique and Op.1 and 2 covers scales/finger/bowings patterns. Schradieck is brilliant if you can handle the 'dry' style.

Peters is OK for most Etudes (Kayser/Kreutzer) but I don't know whether this edition is the cheapest out of Europe.

I like IMC (International Music co) editions - see if they do any/all of the studies

Good luck.


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