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Changing strings with tailpiece that is solid,

Ben Podgor

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One of my violins has solid tailpiece with fixed non removable tuners. I find that changing strings is very difficult. I, of course, should not have aquired such a violin. Does anyone have any suggestions other than getting a different tail piece? Ben PS. The violin is an excellent instrument otherwise.

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Steve: In placing the bottom portion of the string into the solid tailpiece I find it difficult to attach it. My violin was made in Romania. I do not know if this solid tailpiece is different than the ones indicated by the others. There appears to be no spot to enter the tailpiece from the bottom. And, I cannot get the string to attach from the top. Have no problem with other violin. Ben

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I think I know what you're talking about. A floormate of mine in college had a violin her grandmother sent her as a gift. It was made in Romania and had this really strange tailpiece. She had to take it to a luthier every time she needed a string changed because it was so hard to do. She finally had the tailpiece replaced with one she could work with after she broke a string an hour before a performance and couldn't change the string (be glad you weren't there to hear her ).

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