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The D major op.35 is THE Tchaikovsky Concerto.

In no repects is it the hardest concerto but on a scale of 1-10 it really should be viewed as at least 9.

It doesn't contain many of the 'tricks' of other concertos (excessive double stops, near impossible bowings, silly left hand pizz etc.) but it's long, the double stop passages take a lot of hard work and to produce an acceptable quality of tone, musical interpretation and intonation all takes good technical skill and lots of dedication.

It is my life's work (I work on it regularly) and the only concerto I would consider not playing unless 100%. I have done others (Sibelius, Mendelssohn, Bruch, Lalo, Saint-Saens) without concern but because I hold it in such high esteem (boyhood memories of Heifetz, Milstein) it (along with Brahms) will always have a special place and one day......


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