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I installed a set of PA's last night. Just wantd to try a set of synthetics for a different sound. All strings sound mello except for the D, its kind of nasal. Do ya think it'll change after the strings have settled down a-bit? I have always used helicores for fiddle tunes/grass. lp

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The answer is it may or may not continue to sound nasal. When I first tried synthetic strings, I went from Helicores to Pro Artes and found that the Pro Artes always sounded nasal to me. The sound did get better after a few days but I could never shake that nasal sound. Now I use Zyex or Evah's and neither of those sound nasal on my violin. (I don't know if it has more to do with the string or that now I'm used to the synthetic sound vs the steel string sound)

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